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Updates & Other exciting Things

Get to know what I'm up to as an actress, singer, and otherwise human! Ambitiously hoping for semi-frequent updates on all of the exciting projects I get to do!


March/April Updates 

  • Performed Off-Broadway at the AMT theatre in Play Me Off'sSongs From Home, a musical cabaret showcasing a variety of talented performers sharing stories of belonging and community. I performed "On my Own" from Les Misérables, which you can watch a full video of HERE

  • Acted in a staged reading of Fight or Flight, a new dramatic one-act play written by up-and-coming playwright Allison Furlong, as part of the Spark Theatre Fest Off-Broadway at the 28th Street Theater and hosted by the Emerging Artists Theatre. I led as Keiko, a young girl trapped on a plane with three other college students as they discuss society, politics, and the process of coming of age in an ever complicating world.  

  • Once again returned to Drunk Musicals to perform as Marcy Parks in their production of The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee near Times Square. Chugged a Smirnoff Ice before my big solo!

  • The Ghost Light continues to do well on the festival circuit - being selected for screening at both the New York Cinefest and The Pasadena International Film Festival

  • Led in Third Date a new dramatic indie short directed by Gabriel Lee about a couple seeking, and perhaps failing, at establishing genuine connection on a third date


January 2024/February Updates 

  • Was personally invited by Seth Rudetsky to take part in the Broadway Sitzprobe experience at Lincoln Center! Got to perform a selection of songs from the musical Dreamgirls with Broadway stars J. Harrison Ghee and Sharon Catherine Brown, as well as OBC member Nina Hennessey in the ensemble. It was an incredibly fun whirlwind done for the purpose of diversifying Broadway orchestras!

  • Opened and closed the romance/fantasy short play The Place Where We Meet as part of the spf luv fest off-broadway at the Players Theatre. I starred as Jenna, a spirit caught up in a forbidden romance with a love whom she can only see once a year.

  • Performed in the inaugural production of drunk Disney, a musical improv/sing-along show hosted by Drunk Musicals

  • Shot a cameo scene in the new indie film The Squatchers, produced by my friends over at Pure Magic Pictures

  • Had an initial reading of the Skye Hoshi Sequel screenplay - officially beginning pre-production before discussing the whole project on the Pure Magic Pictures Podcast

  • Returned to acting class with an On-Camera intensive taught by the accomplished actress Welker White


October/November/December Updates

  • Wrapped Stalked in October! It was really such a fantastic experience, in which I not only got to work with an incredible crew, but also shared a scene with (and subsequently got murdered by) Daytime Emmy-Winner Bill Oberst Jr. , amongst other talented cast-mates and new friends!

  •  The Ghost Light has continued doing well on the festival circuit. Since my last update, it has garnered even more exciting nominations, such as MY FIRST EVER BEST ACTRESS NOMINATIONalongside noms for Best director and Best Musical short at the North Hollywood Cinfest, Best Ensemble Cast (which includes my co-star, upcoming Broadway sensation Ali Louis Bourzgui!!!) at Filmquest, Best Original Music at SmodCastle filmfest for its title song (for which you can watch the full music video of here), and Best Fantasy at the Shockfest filmfest. 

  • Made my return to Drunk Musicals, reprising my ensemble role in their production of Drunk Elf. It was just as professionally challenging and incredibly fun as last year!! 

  • Continued touring with Skye Hoshi’s ongoing screenings and panels across the country. In October I headed to Jacksonville, FL for Wasabicon, and a few weeks ago it played at Fanexpo San Francisco

  • Shot for an NYU student film titled "I wish you were dead" playing a woman who could make anything happen with her imagination, leading to the untimely death of her best friend.

  • Led in a staged concert reading for a new developing musical, Unmasked, playing a high schooler frustrated with the ongoing covid lockdowns during 2020.

  • Started attending open mic nights and cabarets across the city, including my debut at Birdland jazz club and a performance for the 938 collective!


August/September Updates

  • Shot for the indie horror feature Stalked, based off of the award winning short film, directed by Wesley Mellott and starring Katie Sarife. I play journalism student Haley, whose dedication to uncovering the truth behind a local urban legend may prove to be deadly for her and her friends. 

  • Invited by Seth Rudetsky to sing at the Town Hall with a bunch of Broadway stars including Donna Murphy, Norm Lewis, Patina Miller, and Krysta Rodriguez for a benefit concert supporting the adoption charity You Gotta Believe! I was initially asked to be a backup singer, but got bumped to do the feature high belt duet in "Let the Sunshine in" alongside Sharon Catherine Brown for the finale!!

  • Completed my first international promotional tour for my indie film Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl! We visited conventions and FanExpos in Boston, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and Toronto, Canada! At each venue we would have a screening followed by a panel. This was my first time going on tour to meet and make fans, taking pictures, signing autographs, and I had the BEST of times!! 

  • The independent short I led in, The Ghost Light, has started its run on the festival circuit to great success! So far, it has won best fantasy short at the IndieX Filmfest in LA, and is an official selection for the North Hollywood Cinefest, the Smodcastle film festival, and FilmQuest, which is consistently ranked as one of the top genre festivals in the world


May/June/July Updates

  • Over the moon to have premiered THREE independent films over the summer!

    • Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl on ​May 27, an action/comedy feature about an anime girl come to life and her misadventures around New York City. I play the antagonistic goth rock bass player who's cooler than everyone, Kira!

    • The Ghost Light on June 17, a fantasy/drama short about a high school theatre geek aided by ghosts to nail her next audition. I play the timid and ambitious underdog herself, Winnie!

    • Song of myself on June 29, a dramatic feature about the varied responses a young gay man faces upon coming out to his friends and family. I play the tragically, hopelessly in love friend of the protagonist who learns her feelings will never be reciprocated, Jessica!

  • Led As We Go Along, a dramatic short play about the human cost of navigating the legal system, at the Chain Theatre as part of their One Act festival. I play Sam, a young professional who needs to decide whether it is worth the emotional turmoil of defending her mysterious sister who has either been murdered or committed suicide. 

  • Led a developmental reading of Skater Girls, a new play about the complex relationships between a group of roller skating, theatre obsessed teens, for the 938 Collective, a brooklyn-based theatre company. I played Kate, a queen-bee-wanna-be who is unafraid to do what it takes to get what she wants: be the lead of her community theatre's production of Xanadu.

  • Returned to on-camera acting class at the Freeman studio with a 4-week session taught by casting director Kate Geller

  • Personally invited by Broadway personality Seth Rudetsky to perform in Times Square for a rally in support of the WGA during their ongoing strike, accompanying Broadway stars such as Norbert Leo Butz, Adam Pascal, and Kerry Butler. Also in attendance were Sara Bareilles and Lin Manuel Miranda. 

  • Was a featured guest for two episodes of View & Chew, a food and travel show available for streaming and airing cable in Australia and New Zealand 

  • Collaborated with a musician friend to write an original song and film the music video, I've been working independently on even more new music!

  • Resurrected a sci-fi fantasy podcast I co-founded during the quarantine, The Moirai Project, for which I work as a writer, producer, director and actor